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Charmlet Bangle - BE.ARUM
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Charmlet Bangle - BE.ARUM
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Charmlet Bangle - BE.ARUM
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Charmlet Bangle - BE.ARUM
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Charmlet Bangle

$35.00 USD

Personalize your own bangle! Available only at BE.ARUM, use this bangle to attach charmlets! Just purchase and indicate the order of the charmets! Get your personalized Necklace Charmlet!
**Charmlet, Necklace Chain, Bangle, SOLD SEPERATELY
**When purchasing Charmlets, indicate IN ORDER,in the special instructions box upon checkout, how you want the Charmlets connected. Example) Necklace - J,You Are Lovely Charmlet // Bangle - Smiley, B, Simply Pretty, Star 
Material: Sterling Silver
Size: 60mm width and 45mm height

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