5 Steps To A Productive Morning

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Not everyone can be a morning person — even myself. But I feel everyone needs to be one to be productive throughout the day. While everyone's morning routine is different, this is mine and this is what makes me stop setting my snoozes from 7.00am, 7.15am, 7.30am, 7.45am to 8.00am (it goes on till 8.30am to be honest but don't laugh, because I know you do that too)

1. Eat Your Breakfast
- Listen to your momma, or your grandmomma. I used to skip this step many times but I can really see a difference whenever I consume a bowl or cereals vs to drinking a cup of coffee only. Breakfast immediately raises the body’s energy level and restores the blood glucose level to normal after an overnight fast. In a way, it determines how you work throughout the day physically and mentally. 
2. Start Planning
- Write down goals you have to achieve for the day. Not just bluntly writing down but MEANT IT. If you do this, you can see how much they add up, and really see what you accomplish all day. This way, if you're really not doing much, you know what's going on, and you know how to change it. When you look at it, you’ll see your past achievements and you won’t want to “break the streak” by doing nothing today.
3. Plan Your Outfit Ahead
- Make a commitment to picking out your clothes the night before and save yourself time in the morning. Trust me, it works. If you do happen to wake up late and did not have time to get ready, you'll end up picking clothes that you're not comfortable in or not suitable for that meeting you were scheduled for and thus, ruining your day. 
4. Clean Desk 
- Yes, especially when most people don't do it after a tiring day of work. It's easier to get things organise before you start working too. For me, it gives me a calm feeling and to show that you are ready to start the day!
5. Have a Positive Mind
Thoughts create emotions. Happy thoughts create happy emotions. It’s super simple but it’s so true – think about the things you love to do that make you happy. Just visualizing doing something that makes you happy is bound to make you actually feel happier in return. When you spend some time in the morning to list out 5 things you are grateful for, it shifts your whole mindset and your day becomes so much brighter.
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How to Match your Jewelry with your Clothes

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Rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings are part of the equation in terms of fashion. Jewelry is indeed the little extra, the final touch to bring to an outfit for a 100% successful trendy look. Here are a few tips on how to match jewelry with clothes. Regardless, the most important tip starts with the sense of comfort that we are who are, and that we are beautiful no matter what the world says. After all, we are BE.ARUM right - You are beautiful as you are.

Rule No.1 Each piece should match the situation, the occasion, and most importantly yourself. This point is important especially when it comes to people who love their jewelry. Less is more and what is more important is to wear signature pieces that truly expresses yourself and the situation. Plus, you might look more sophisticated not having too much jewelry on you. It’s easier to move around too because you do not need to worry about big rings and a myriad of bracelets hanging on the wrists making noises while you type out your report.
Rule No.2 Like your clothes, each piece of jewelry should help you express your true beauty. Choose jewelry that helps you express your skin colour. Opt for metals and gems that can lend some shine to your natural skin tone. There is a wide spectrum of different colors: gold, silver, sapphire, amethyst, etc. Maybe turquoise goes better with your eyes as ruby. Silver is the favorite metal for many of us, but if you have the matte skin and dark hair, gold can be beautiful too. There is no right jewelry for the right skin tone. Whatever lets you be yourself, and be beautiful in your own skin is what matters.
Rule No.3 Each piece of jewelry should be able to be worn comfortably with different outfits. Your jewelry is to express who you are. It should be flexible and suitable for a few outfits, because that’s what makes it an excellent jewelry. Try to mix and match with any outfit in your wardrobe and you’ll be surprised with the results. 
Rule No.4 Each piece must define who you are. The days has passed when jewelry was just a fashion statement. Girls do not spend thousands of dollars on a piece of ring anymore. Not because they don’t have the money, but because they have a choice. Many of us have moved beyond the price tag and the necessity of that being an investment. The modern girl would rather invest in a good financial plan that brings the best of her. Jewelry is our style; it defines who we are and our thoughts. It gives meaning to our inner self, for it is time when our jewelry is just us.
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Top 5 Gifts from South Korea!

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As you may already know, South Korea is a shopping heaven for many travelers. There are so many gifts that you could get for your family and friends if you ever visit South Korea. Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the right item, so we've compiled a list of the perfect souvenirs that can be purchased for all those visiting South Korea.
1. Socks
Socks are probably the cutest thing that you can get for yourself and your friends from South Korea. They have a wide variety of patterns and styles to choose from which suits any age. Made with great quality in South Korea, the price can be as cheap as $1 for a pair. You can get Korean socks in most of the major shopping areas such as Myeongdong, Insadong, Hongdae and Ewha Womens’s University shopping area. 
2. Korean Bronzeware
Korean bronzeware are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans based in Korea. Handcrafted with Korean bronze*, bronzeware are known to have been used by the Royal Families in historical Korea. It is said to change color in contact with poisons and was used as a safety measure to prevent poisoning through food. *Korean bronze contains more tin than copper, 22% to 78% compared to western bronze which is a 1:9 ratio.
3. Dojang (Stamps)
In South Korea, name stamps/chops/seals are called Dojang (도장). They are the ideal souvenir: almost practical, small, and will last forever. Plus, they are beautiful but not tacky. In these stamp shops there are usually an array of different types of stones, sizes and many of the stamps are already engraved and decorated with designs. You can find many Dojang shops in Insadong.
4. Korean stationaries
Korean Stationaires has been very popular around the world especially in Asian countries. There are always just so aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at. All of them are made out of good quality and you can get them at affordable prices. The most famous stationary shops in Seoul is Artbox and MMMG 밀리미터밀리그램. 
For ladies who are interested in Korean characters, Hangul, BE.ARUM jewelry might just be suitable for you. Each piece of silver or gold jewelry is engraved with a beautiful Korean phrase telling the wearer that they are beautiful as they are - celebrating the wearer’s beauty.
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It’s All About Stackin’ - 101 Guide on How to Layer your Bracelets and Rings

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The Layering or Stacking trend has been going on for quite some time now. For those of you who have already tried the latest accessory style, you've probably wondered how you can stack your rings or bracelets without going overboard. The beauty of this trend is that you can dress it up or dress it down and a simple stack can elevate your outfit in an instant. 

Emma Watson is rocking the ring stack at the Oscars.
(Photo Courtesy of Trend Survivor and Dailymail )

There are a few ways to achieve a stackable look for your wrist and fingers. Normally, thin and delicate rings and bracelets keep the stack from being too busy. You can pull it off with chunky ones too to have a bolder look. A good rule to remember is that less is more.

(Basics by BE.ARUM)


Additionally, playing with texture or shape in your assortment will help keep it from being too boring or plain.

(Simply Chic Bracelet and Ring)


Play with the combinations of the metals of your accessories, rose gold, gold, silver and find a colour combination that flatters your skin tone.

(Simply pretty Bracelet and You are beautiful 14K Gold Bracelet)


(Basics by BE.ARUM)


If you need any help styling our BE.ARUM bracelets and rings, let us know! You can always contact us via Facebook.com/bearumstory or Instagram @be.arum. 


Shop now at www.bearum.kr to achieve your desired layering look!

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Our little outing - BE.ARUM's mini lookbook

Posted by Hyun Kyung Park on

Minimal charms, petite rings, a bit of shine here and there. They all add a subtle touch to you. We strive to make sure that these little touches of beauty add "Arum" to your day. 

Arum, 아름, a Korean word to describe the harmony of being beautiful is a unique word to language. It describes something or a moment when everything is harmonious. It can be pretty, have a warm touch, a sense of kindness and more. But it is focused on when it all is harmoniously so. 

This is the jewelry that we strive to design. A symbol that not only is pretty but can remind the wearer that they are "arum," so that one can be harmoniously so. Because you are beautiful. 

So enjoy our "arum" pieces from bracelets, to rings, to necklaces, and more, all these are touches of arum because you are beautiful.

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