Designing BE.ARUM jewelry - designed for beautiful people.

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We at BE.ARUM view jewelry as an icon of beauty in itself. We design our jewelry to be worn as a form of self expression to both the wearer herself and the world - that they are confident, strong, and simply beautiful as they are. Minimally designed and easy for everyday, our jewelry provide a subtle reminder that "넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워." or "You are beautiful as you are." 

Designing our jewelry is challenging but extremely exciting. Integrating beautiful Korean lettering as the core design of the jewelry requires careful attention to typography as well as the look and feel of the individual jewelry piece.



It's a process that usually begins with an idea. Usually that idea comes from an existing piece of jewelry or something that pops up into mind. Then it's time to sketch it all out. 



Carefully considering the shape, colors, sizing and other factors, Hyun Kyung goes through sketch after sketch in an attempt to find the perfect piece - not being too simple yet being minimal enough to be a subtle addition to your look.



At this stage we have to visualize what the final product will be so a sketch is only a preliminary building block for what a piece of jewelry will turn out and become. 
Choosing the necessary materials, and then considering the thickness of a silver plate for example and anticipating how it would feel when worn are only some of the many things that goes through Hyun Kyung's mind. After hours and hours of sketches can a piece of jewelry be revealed. 
 We always strive to find the perfect balance between simplicity and minimal design. Leaving only the necessary elements of beauty without sacrificing design, so that our jewelry is a compliment to your beauty and reveals that you are beautiful as you are.


넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워.


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