Our Story


BE.ARUM is a Seoul-based jewelry brand which takes beautiful Korean lettering and weaves it into meaningful jewelry. Each piece of silver or gold jewelry is engraved with a beautiful Korean phrase telling the wearer that they are beautiful as they are - celebrating the wearer’s beauty.

Korean is intentionally used to emphasize the concept of harmony and balance, which the language is based on. The word “arum” which is the Korean word for beauty, embraces the concepts of pretty, lovely, warm-hearted and kind, and expresses beauty as the balance of being in harmony with it all.

All BE.ARUM jewelry is handcrafted with premium materials in our studios located in Seoul, Korea. We use only premium materials such as sterling silver and 14K gold in crafting our jewelry. We believe that jewelry should reflect the wearer. Thus, our jewelry are made with premium materials for an elegant you, and handcrafted to reflect your uniqueness.




The Designer

Hyun Kyung Park, BE.ARUM Design Director
2016  F/W Indie Brand Fair Seoul, Korea
2015  J.ESTINA Jewelry Designer (Korea’s Top Jewelry Brand)
2011  By Design LLC (NYC) Assistant Designer
2013  SUNY New Paltz Masters in Metals
2009  Rhode Island School of Design BA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing