BE.ARUM's Favorite Korean Gift Ideas

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Here are some of BE.ARUM's carefully curated collection of holiday gift ideas. Links available to all products! If you have any questions about the products feel free to let us know.

This beautiful and delicate teapot set is carefully handcrafted with special porcelain that cannot be found anywhere in the world

So, take a break from your hectic day to enjoy a warm cup of tea in these beautiful teacups


:: Hangeul Clock :: FunnyFish
This “Twelve o’clock” clock is written abstractly with Korean characters on traditional paper called Hanji

Add a hint of elegance to your living room




:: Harmoniously 아름다워 Ring :: BE.ARUM
Our own Harmoniously 아름다워 Ring. A reflection on the meaning of 아름다워 - being harmoniously beautiful - through the use of contrasting colors and design.

Exclusively from BE.ARUM


:: Ottchil Cutlery set with Wood Coaster :: Yido Pottery
Enjoy a Korean course meal with these modern yet traditional chopsticks

Made carefully with fine wood by Joo Hyung Park


:: Constellation Clock :: Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Made with traditional Korean paper enjoy a night sky in a clock


:: Tin Bowl :: Leeum Shop 
This delicate bowl was made using the banjja method, a Korean way of working brass.

An exact alloy of copper and tin is made, and then, it is heated and struck repeatedly into the desired objects. Because it contains tin, this bowl keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.


:: Serving Spoon Set :: Moon Beom 
Made of ebony and maple and inspired by clouds and cranes, artist Moon Beom designed this beautiful serving spoon. 

Add a beautiful serving spoon to your delicious plate and enjoy the special occasion even more!


:: Mother-of-Pearl Pen Case :: Museum Shop

A depiction of a traditional Korean march decorated with Mother-of-Pearl on this delicate Pen case.

Perhaps a strike of inspiration for some quality writing?




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