How we handcraft our jewelry

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Individually handcrafted for a unique you.

Everybody is unique. We firmly standby our mantra to handcraft every element of our product to reflect each and every person's unique beauty.


How we handcraft our jewelry

We begin by molding silver into a beautiful shape. It all starts by heating up silver an extremely high temperatures to make it into a liquid form.  Before the silver cools off and becomes solid, we carefully shape it into the beautiful form that we designed.


Now that's only the beginning. 


To create a lump of silver into one of our precious pieces of jewelry, it requires an extensive process of preparing the silver. In the photo above, we're actually getting ready to solder two silver pieces together to create a ring. By carefully roughing up the edges we're making the surface of the silver easy to solder.


By heating up the ring, we're getting ready to solder the "그냥 이뻐." pendant on it.


The flame is a bit bigger as the pendant really needs to melt onto the ring so that it stays there. It only takes a little while for the silver to cool down and become one piece of jewelry so we have to move fast. This is the tricky part because even a millimeter difference can make the jewelry look very different. It is a very delicate and tedious process.


Finally, we did a pretty good job in getting the pendant soldered onto the ring!

But we're only about 30% complete. 

Silver is naturally very dull and gets tarnished very easily. So after shaping it and soldering it together, we go through an extensive process of polishing to make sure it looks beautiful and shines like your smile!


After an extensive polishing porcess, here are our handcrafted rings!

Handcrafting BE.ARUM jewelry is a very delicate and time consuming process. However, we truly believe that it is precisely the the care that goes into creating our jewelry which makes it extraordinarily special.

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