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5. MMCA (국립현대미술관)
- Located at the east side of Gyeongbukgung, MMCA the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts is a place to get inspired. Housing local artist works as well as international artist, this place offer an eye opener to the public. Definitely one of our favourite place to getaway to when we're out of the office.
4. Ikson-Dong (익선동)
- This place brings back many memories of Korea as it was once housed hanok houses more than 100 years ago. The neighbourhood went through many changes since then and many have moved out from their hanok houses. Recently, It has turned into lanes of cafes, art studios and guesthouses. While some streets still remained the same, it's a nice stroll to remind us of how people used to live during the modernization of Korea.
3. Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)
 - It's probably THE place to go when you're in Seoul. Eventhough it's a place for tourist but even locals go there for a walk. Located behind bustling streets of Samcheong-dong , lies the quiet hanok houses. We like going there around 6 in the evening to see the sunset over Namsan Tower and Bukhasan Hill, there will be less people during that time too ;) 
2.  Leeum Samsung Musuem of Art (리움 삼성미술관)
- This is the place to go if you're up for quirky installations. Samsung curates an exclusive array of artworks which involves installations, treasures and traditional and contemporary works from local and international artists. 
1. Changyeonggung Palace (창경궁)
- Drum rolls to our favourite place in Seoul, Changyeonggung Palace. We have to specific too, that our favourite place is the Green House located the east side of the palace. It's peaceful and tranquil and most importantly, not flooded with people. The palace is not as famous as Gyeongbukgung and Changdunggung but we feel it offers a variety of pavilions and gardens to see , and a cheaper option compared to the 2 main palaces. The most beautiful time to head to the palace is during Spring and Autumn. 

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