ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings - BE.ARUM
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ORDW Earrings

$76.00 USD

ㅇㄹㄷㅇ are the initial consonants for the Korean word for beautiful — 아름다워. It is an intricate Korean word which embraces the concepts of pretty, lovely, warm-hearted and kind, expressing beauty as the balance of being in harmony with it all.

The balance of symbolic beauty and gracious meaning of ㅇㄹㄷㅇ is what makes this jewelry harmoniously beautiful. Its appearance when alone, is merely shapes and lines but when coupled with your already beautiful inner soul, it truly becomes 아름다워.

The set of four different types of studs create a playful touch on jewelry with a beautiful meaning. Perfect for everyday wear, the unique design coupled with a splash of Korean, make it the perfect edition for your lobes. Wear it one at a time or put them all on and add a touch of beauty to your smile, because you are already beautiful. 
Materials: Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia
Sizes: 5.4*4.7mm, 5.7*4.4mm, 5.7*3.8mm, 4.6*4.6mm

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