Layering Ideas by BE.ARUM

BE.ARUM's jewelry are designed so that a stack of delicate bracelets and rings can be worn in style instead of one large piece. And even though the pieces are thin, they still have the ability to make a statement when paired together properly. Here are some of our favorite ways to layer our jewelry!

Rings! Rings! Rings!

Our BE.ARUM rings are perfect to layers. With our additional Basics Collection, enjoy a stack of layered rings that feel personal to you. Our ORDW can be a statement, along with some of our basic rings stacked with each other. Or better yet, wearing the same slim ring by itself across multiple fingers creates a pretty connection, as though there's a golden thread running across your fingers. 

The best stack is a significant one. Create a commemorative stack on your ring finger, adding in a special ring for anniversaries, babies, and other big moments. And personalize it with initial rings or engravings - imbue your jewels with secret significance. 


Bracelets, and Rings!

BE.ARUM has beautiful bracelets, but we added some basic bracelets to help lend some shine to your entire style. Most of our line is minimal enough to stack with other jewelry. Most importantly, they won't clash as their styles are minimal and chic. 

Mix textures. Dress up your favorite simple tee shirt with a trio of delicate bracelets that have different textures. Mix it up with a leather bracelet, a basic bangle, and a silk bracelet to add a touch of style to your wrist.

Add some rings to the entire style as well. Pair the new with the old. We love seeing dainty bracelet coupled with an old heirloom or cocktail ring. That blend of new and subtle with a vintage statement piece creates an interesting contrast. 

Enjoy our new Basics Line collection and have a blast layering jewelry!