BE.ARUM Official Press Release

May 1, 2015

BE.ARUM joins fashion with social awareness via handmade bracelets

Seoul-based startup BE.ARUM has just launched its debut line of elegant, stylish sterling silver bracelets with the sole purpose of reminding the wearer they are beautiful just the way they are.

“From the very beginning, our mission with BE.ARUM was to establish a brand that delivered beautiful messages through beautiful products, and I really think we’ve accomplished that,” Hyun Kyung, designer at BE.ARUM says. “We’ve been extremely encouraged by the response so far, and I’m very excited for what the future has in store for us.”

The subtle, stylish leather bracelets are all hand-crafted and engraved with a simple message, “You are beautiful just the way you are” in South Korean characters onto an elegant silver sterling plate. Every bracelet offered by BE.ARUM is designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality.

The company was founded by designers Hyun Kyung and Zunho, with the idea of designing and shipping a product with a simple yet moving message, one that is literally built into each and every bracelet the company ships. Hyun Kyung’s expertise is in metalsmithing, and Zunho specializes in communications. Together they form a small team with a big mission, at a time when girls around the world face severe pressure to achieve physical perfection almost everywhere they turn. 


BE.ARUM’s current product line offers three different strap designs and eight different colors - crimson red, minty turquoise, royal navy, shimmering pink, light blue, coral pink, natural and navy. The bracelets are all adjustable and weigh approximately 3 grams. The company offers worldwide shipping and ships directly from Seoul, South Korea.

Zunho says he’s excited to combine his interests with Hyun Kyung at BE.ARUM. “We live in a society where the idea of pursuing superficial beauty can be such a burden,” Zunho says. “We’re aiming to bring people back to the idea that they’re already beautiful, and it’s such a rewarding thing to be a part of. I’m very thankful for the partnership we’ve formed here.”

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Zunho, communications designer, be.arum. or +82-10-8808-0971.