Top 5 Gifts from South Korea!

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As you may already know, South Korea is a shopping heaven for many travelers. There are so many gifts that you could get for your family and friends if you ever visit South Korea. Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the right item, so we've compiled a list of the perfect souvenirs that can be purchased for all those visiting South Korea.
1. Socks
Socks are probably the cutest thing that you can get for yourself and your friends from South Korea. They have a wide variety of patterns and styles to choose from which suits any age. Made with great quality in South Korea, the price can be as cheap as $1 for a pair. You can get Korean socks in most of the major shopping areas such as Myeongdong, Insadong, Hongdae and Ewha Womens’s University shopping area. 
2. Korean Bronzeware
Korean bronzeware are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans based in Korea. Handcrafted with Korean bronze*, bronzeware are known to have been used by the Royal Families in historical Korea. It is said to change color in contact with poisons and was used as a safety measure to prevent poisoning through food. *Korean bronze contains more tin than copper, 22% to 78% compared to western bronze which is a 1:9 ratio.
3. Dojang (Stamps)
In South Korea, name stamps/chops/seals are called Dojang (도장). They are the ideal souvenir: almost practical, small, and will last forever. Plus, they are beautiful but not tacky. In these stamp shops there are usually an array of different types of stones, sizes and many of the stamps are already engraved and decorated with designs. You can find many Dojang shops in Insadong.
4. Korean stationaries
Korean Stationaires has been very popular around the world especially in Asian countries. There are always just so aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at. All of them are made out of good quality and you can get them at affordable prices. The most famous stationary shops in Seoul is Artbox and MMMG 밀리미터밀리그램. 
For ladies who are interested in Korean characters, Hangul, BE.ARUM jewelry might just be suitable for you. Each piece of silver or gold jewelry is engraved with a beautiful Korean phrase telling the wearer that they are beautiful as they are - celebrating the wearer’s beauty.

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