How to Match your Jewelry with your Clothes

Rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings are part of the equation in terms of fashion. Jewelry is indeed the little extra, the final touch to bring to an outfit for a 100% successful trendy look. Here are a few tips on how to match jewelry with clothes. Regardless, the most important tip starts with the sense of comfort that we are who are, and that we are beautiful no matter what the world says. After all, we are BE.ARUM right - You are beautiful as you are.

Rule No.1 Each piece should match the situation, the occasion, and most importantly yourself. This point is important especially when it comes to people who love their jewelry. Less is more and what is more important is to wear signature pieces that truly expresses yourself and the situation. Plus, you might look more sophisticated not having too much jewelry on you. It’s easier to move around too because you do not need to worry about big rings and a myriad of bracelets hanging on the wrists making noises while you type out your report.
Rule No.2 Like your clothes, each piece of jewelry should help you express your true beauty. Choose jewelry that helps you express your skin colour. Opt for metals and gems that can lend some shine to your natural skin tone. There is a wide spectrum of different colors: gold, silver, sapphire, amethyst, etc. Maybe turquoise goes better with your eyes as ruby. Silver is the favorite metal for many of us, but if you have the matte skin and dark hair, gold can be beautiful too. There is no right jewelry for the right skin tone. Whatever lets you be yourself, and be beautiful in your own skin is what matters.
Rule No.3 Each piece of jewelry should be able to be worn comfortably with different outfits. Your jewelry is to express who you are. It should be flexible and suitable for a few outfits, because that’s what makes it an excellent jewelry. Try to mix and match with any outfit in your wardrobe and you’ll be surprised with the results. 
Rule No.4 Each piece must define who you are. The days has passed when jewelry was just a fashion statement. Girls do not spend thousands of dollars on a piece of ring anymore. Not because they don’t have the money, but because they have a choice. Many of us have moved beyond the price tag and the necessity of that being an investment. The modern girl would rather invest in a good financial plan that brings the best of her. Jewelry is our style; it defines who we are and our thoughts. It gives meaning to our inner self, for it is time when our jewelry is just us.

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