India in 35mm

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Our friend and coworker Renee reports back from her travelling stories in India during her trip in May. Many of her friends and family asked her "Why India?" As every year, there will be news about rape cases and crime rates reaching up to 86% in New Delhi in 2015 but pictures of Holy festivals, colourful cities in Rajasthan, views of the Himalayan ranges did not stop her from going. 
It is true that India is an assault to senses and won't be  recommended for the faint hearted. There is much that is shocking: the poverty, the noise and dirt, the overladen vehicles playing dodgems on the road. Everything is happening at the same time and at the same place with 400 people per square kilometer of land area. 
It might be gasping to see and feel congestion in India but despite all that, India is wondrous land filled with friendly people, overflowing with cultural treasures, spiritual wonder, and natural beauty that will keep you linger long in your memory (that includes the smell of masala)
Being on the same spot as Christian Bale in The Dark Knight and Adrien Brody in The Darjeeling Limitedwas definitely one of the highlight of the trip.

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