BE.ARUM's Favorite Korean Gift Ideas

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Here are some of BE.ARUM's carefully curated collection of holiday gift ideas. Links available to all products! If you have any questions about the products feel free to let us know.

This beautiful and delicate teapot set is carefully handcrafted with special porcelain that cannot be found anywhere in the world

So, take a break from your hectic day to enjoy a warm cup of tea in these beautiful teacups


:: Hangeul Clock :: FunnyFish
This “Twelve o’clock” clock is written abstractly with Korean characters on traditional paper called Hanji

Add a hint of elegance to your living room




:: Harmoniously 아름다워 Ring :: BE.ARUM
Our own Harmoniously 아름다워 Ring. A reflection on the meaning of 아름다워 - being harmoniously beautiful - through the use of contrasting colors and design.

Exclusively from BE.ARUM


:: Ottchil Cutlery set with Wood Coaster :: Yido Pottery
Enjoy a Korean course meal with these modern yet traditional chopsticks

Made carefully with fine wood by Joo Hyung Park


:: Constellation Clock :: Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Made with traditional Korean paper enjoy a night sky in a clock


:: Tin Bowl :: Leeum Shop 
This delicate bowl was made using the banjja method, a Korean way of working brass.

An exact alloy of copper and tin is made, and then, it is heated and struck repeatedly into the desired objects. Because it contains tin, this bowl keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.


:: Serving Spoon Set :: Moon Beom 
Made of ebony and maple and inspired by clouds and cranes, artist Moon Beom designed this beautiful serving spoon. 

Add a beautiful serving spoon to your delicious plate and enjoy the special occasion even more!


:: Mother-of-Pearl Pen Case :: Museum Shop

A depiction of a traditional Korean march decorated with Mother-of-Pearl on this delicate Pen case.

Perhaps a strike of inspiration for some quality writing?




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In Search of Beauty. A Stroll through Korea's Secret Garden

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Hidden behind a majestic palace in the middle of Seoul lies what is called a "Secret Garden." While called a garden, I beg to call it a place of harmony between nature and man. Within a vast forest painted with flowers, trees and chirping birds, are man made structures dotted carefully along the vast area. The structures are placed cautiously to preserve the beauty that nature inspires, and in doing so, construe the harmony between man and nature...thus, actualizing true beauty.


Every Thursday is BE.ARUM's "Ideation Day" where we select a venue or topic to explore the topic of beauty in various settings. As a brand that fully devotes to inspiring the world with beautiful jewelry, we believe it is our basic responsibility to constantly seek to understand more about what is "beautiful."



The Secret Garden is all about harmony. The pond in the photo is a symbol of the harmony between the Earth and the Heavens. The ancient Koreans believed that the Earth was in the shape of a square and the Heaven a circle, so a small island floats in the middle of square pond. Although they might have gotten the square and circle wrong, the representation of harmony inspires a sense of beauty important to us even today. 



It was a snowy day today and with snowflakes floating down onto autumn leaves that have yet to also float on down, it was the perfect day to explore the concept of beauty. 


We also took the liberty to place ourselves into the beautiful landscape of the palaces. The background is a 600 year old structure which serves as a shrine for the past Kings and Queens of Korea. Not only is it beautiful, the symbolic nature that it provides let us appreciate even more the pleasing aura of it. 


The aesthetically pleasing old Korean buildings, not only were visually beautiful but also served to mesmerize us and move us in a certain way. The sounds of our feet bouncing back from the structures, the little chirps that birds made with the cold yet soothing wind that blew gently over us really found us to be completely blown away. The bland yet somehow tranquil view coupled with the aura of the site, soothed our souls as we were struck in awe exploring the nearly 600 year old buildings. 



Although very beautiful, being outside for too long left us cold and hungry so we quickly escaped to a modern cafe right outside of the palace. A modern building overlooked an old Korean house which was renovated into a cafe. The mix between old and new and chic and warm was rather harmoniously beautiful.



With a cup of tea, we were able to warm up our bodies and truly appreciate the beauty of Korea. An eclectic mix of old and new, stimulating yet tranquil, the true beauty was that it is what it is, beautiful just the way it is. 



So we took the liberty of taking a photo of one of our bracelets using the background of an old Korean building. Just to exemplify what is "beautiful just the way it is," telling the world "넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워. 

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Designing BE.ARUM jewelry - designed for beautiful people.

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We at BE.ARUM view jewelry as an icon of beauty in itself. We design our jewelry to be worn as a form of self expression to both the wearer herself and the world - that they are confident, strong, and simply beautiful as they are. Minimally designed and easy for everyday, our jewelry provide a subtle reminder that "넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워." or "You are beautiful as you are." 

Designing our jewelry is challenging but extremely exciting. Integrating beautiful Korean lettering as the core design of the jewelry requires careful attention to typography as well as the look and feel of the individual jewelry piece.



It's a process that usually begins with an idea. Usually that idea comes from an existing piece of jewelry or something that pops up into mind. Then it's time to sketch it all out. 



Carefully considering the shape, colors, sizing and other factors, Hyun Kyung goes through sketch after sketch in an attempt to find the perfect piece - not being too simple yet being minimal enough to be a subtle addition to your look.



At this stage we have to visualize what the final product will be so a sketch is only a preliminary building block for what a piece of jewelry will turn out and become. 
Choosing the necessary materials, and then considering the thickness of a silver plate for example and anticipating how it would feel when worn are only some of the many things that goes through Hyun Kyung's mind. After hours and hours of sketches can a piece of jewelry be revealed. 
 We always strive to find the perfect balance between simplicity and minimal design. Leaving only the necessary elements of beauty without sacrificing design, so that our jewelry is a compliment to your beauty and reveals that you are beautiful as you are.


넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워.


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BE.ARUM supports International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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The month of October is marked, in many countries, as International Breast Cancer Awareness Month to "increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease."*

According to the WHO, "breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries." It is a disease when detected early has a good chance of being cured. However, there is little knoweldge on the cause of breast cancer. 

BE.ARUM wishes to take part in raising awareness and supporting research for Breast Cancer during the month of October. In doing what we do best, and also to find purpose in what we do, we've added a touch of pink to our three of our bracelets - Modern Leather, Cheery String, and 그냥 이뻐. These bracelets will be only available for the month of October.

We are also donating part of the proceeds from all Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets sold in the month of October to support research for breast cancer. We will be donating 10% of the purchase of every Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet to select breast cancer foundations including but not limited to Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( and the Korean Beast Cancer Foundation (

Wear pink to show support for Breast Cancer survivors and patients, remember those lost to the disease and to support research and aid to end this disease. Most importantly, let them know, "넌 있는 그대로가 아름다워."

The collection can be found at


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How we handcraft our jewelry

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Individually handcrafted for a unique you.

Everybody is unique. We firmly standby our mantra to handcraft every element of our product to reflect each and every person's unique beauty.


How we handcraft our jewelry

We begin by molding silver into a beautiful shape. It all starts by heating up silver an extremely high temperatures to make it into a liquid form.  Before the silver cools off and becomes solid, we carefully shape it into the beautiful form that we designed.


Now that's only the beginning. 


To create a lump of silver into one of our precious pieces of jewelry, it requires an extensive process of preparing the silver. In the photo above, we're actually getting ready to solder two silver pieces together to create a ring. By carefully roughing up the edges we're making the surface of the silver easy to solder.


By heating up the ring, we're getting ready to solder the "그냥 이뻐." pendant on it.


The flame is a bit bigger as the pendant really needs to melt onto the ring so that it stays there. It only takes a little while for the silver to cool down and become one piece of jewelry so we have to move fast. This is the tricky part because even a millimeter difference can make the jewelry look very different. It is a very delicate and tedious process.


Finally, we did a pretty good job in getting the pendant soldered onto the ring!

But we're only about 30% complete. 

Silver is naturally very dull and gets tarnished very easily. So after shaping it and soldering it together, we go through an extensive process of polishing to make sure it looks beautiful and shines like your smile!


After an extensive polishing porcess, here are our handcrafted rings!

Handcrafting BE.ARUM jewelry is a very delicate and time consuming process. However, we truly believe that it is precisely the the care that goes into creating our jewelry which makes it extraordinarily special.

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